Ben is a christian husband, father, designer, musician and writer in Omaha Nebraska.

Daily Pledge

Daily Pledge

Today I am a new creation. Created by the very hand of God. The God I belong to; the God I worship. My very purpose, today and always: to honor my creator and to proclaim his goodness and salvation to everything in my path:


Resolved, to work to the best of my ability - as unto the Lord. My work was designed to be a means of worship in my life - and should be done in a diligent, honest and holy way.


Resolved, to honor the wife of my youth by not lusting after another woman with my heart, mind or eyes. Jesus died for the sin of lust - and he created every woman with dignity, worth and purpose.


Resolved, to lead courageously: my family, friends, peers and community are looking to my example and leadership. My actions and lack thereof communicate Christ to those around me.


Resolved, to not worship created things in place of the creator. Money, work, technology, media and material possessions are God's gift to us - and were not intended to be worshipped as idols.


Resolved, to seek the Lord in a constant, dependent and on-going manner. I am in desperate need of his companionship, wisdom and peace.


Resolved to protect my family from influences within and without that would seek to distract from our God-given calling of worship and witness.


Resolved to boldly share the good news of The savior with those lost and dying without hope around me. Not ashamed of the gospel - knowing that it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes.


Resolved to study the deeper truths of God - and faithfully teach them to others around me. May I be about creating disciples that can turn around and lead others effectively.

Mere Breath

Mere Breath

My house is a light, tannish beige

My house is a light, tannish beige